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Located in a 25,000 square foot building in the heart of Vaughan, Rolltec has its own engineering department, machine shop and computerized sewing operation. Rolltec Rolling Systems Ltd is a leading Canadian manufacturer of high quality upscale retractable awnings. With over 26 years of providing "Quality beyond Expectations" in all of their retractable product lines, Rolltec Awnings has built its reputation on customer service, quality of product and innovative design.

Rolltec retractable awnings improve both the appearance and functionality of a home or business. Creative property owners find inspiration in using retractable awnings to enhance the unique features and individuality of their buildings. By accentuating the architecture, awnings beautify the outside of buildings, reflecting the distinct taste of their owners. Awnings with bright yellow colour combinations bring a sunny and warm feeling; blue striped fabrics are suited for a shady, cool milieu by the pool; while light filtering through various tones of red evokes a cheerful atmosphere.


Adalia X3M:

The quality engineered Adalia X3M retractable awning is designed to combine durability with excellent functionality. Most parts are made from extruded, thermally treated and artificially aged aluminum. All parts are immune to corrosion and are finished with a white powder coating. Manual operation uses a speedy bevel gear with a stopper that prevents the fabric from rolling up in the wrong direction. Optional motorization is available. The awnings are made to client specification with custom widths starting from 6'2" wide (in 1" increments). Available projections: 5'4", 6'9", 8'8", 10'0", 11'8".

Adalia X3M Extenda:

The Adalia X3M Extenda model is from the Adalia X3M family of awnings. Specially designed for narrow width situations, where the width of available wall space cannot accommodate a standard awning with a large projection.

Adalia X3M Plus:

The Adalia X3M Plus is a modification of the Adalia X3M retractable awning with uniquely engineered slope adjustment gears incorporated into the arm shoulders. As a result, the Adalia X3M Plus awning allows infinite inclination adjustments of both arms simultaneously at any time. Therefore, the arms will always stay aligned, which means no need to worry about your awning being levelled before retracting it.

Bravo Semi-Cassette Awning:

In this awning, an aluminum cassette houses the roller tube, fabric and operator perfectly, protecting them from dirt, the elements and wildlife. A specially designed device forces the front bar to pull into the top and bottom profile, forming an enclosure to prevent any un-welcomed creatures from making your awning their home. The awnings are made to client specification with custom widths between 6'2" and 19'9" wide (in 1" increments). Available projections: 5'0", 6'9", 8'4", 10'0", 11'8".

Physique XL:

Physique XL is a heavy duty system exclusively designed to use 13' (4m) arms. It is a member of a chain driven arms awning family. Every retractable awning, while being extended, experiences a lot of mechanical loads, especially during windy conditions. These loads become more significant for awnings with greater projection, mainly for 13' projection. Physique XL features exceptionally robust arm shoulders designed to handle the torque at the point where the arm is connected to the square bar, as well as forceful lateral arms with rigid stainless steel chain links.

All parts are made from corrosion resistant materials and most of them are finished with a white powder coating. The awnings are made to the client specification with custom widths starting from 15' wide in 1" increments.

The Eclipse:

A completely enclosed retractable awning that fits every type of installation thanks to its reduced dimensions and unique design. The cassette is made of white powder coated, corrosion-resistant, extruded aluminum. The components are made of stainless steel. The completely enclosed cassette protects the fabric and components from all types of weather. The Eclipse is suited both for commercial purposes and private homes. Custom width and up to 11'8" projection are available. The Eclipse can be operated by crank or motor.

The Atrium:

Restaurants, hotels, clubs and other establishments looking to maximize profits from outdoor patios, now have an eye-catching solution. The Atrium is a unique refuge from sun and rain.

The exceptional feature of the Atrium is its retractable top. The Atrium comes in sections of up to 20' in width and projecting up to 20' in length from the wall. These sections can be linked together to create unlimited widths using a specially designed rain gutter.

Motorized or manually operated, the Atrium will award you with years of protection from the elements. Rolltec's selection of 100% solution dyed acrylic fabrics will surely compliment this feat of engineering.

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