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Your One Stop Shop!

Originally part of Alcan Building Products, Gentek Building Products represents more than 40 years of manufacturing expertise in the building industry. They've built their business by providing an easy-to-install, superior product line along with unparalleled customer service. From neighbourhood to neighbourhood throughout North America, homeowners select the Gentek brand for genuine quality and value.

Having your home renovated with siding or windows is a one-time investment — a valuable one that really pays off with siding’s low maintenance and long-lasting good looks.

With its extensive range of materials, Gentek is a single source for residential, new construction and light commercial projects. They carry an array of siding products — from vinyl to aluminum — as well as coordinating soffit, fascia and rainware. Gentek also carries a full line of vinyl and aluminum windows with styles to fit any home.

As a compliment to our siding and window products, Gentek carries a wide range of associated products such as specialty siding, shutters, columns, doors and much more.

  • Shutters, Columns and Gable Vents - Gentek sells shutters, columns and gable vents made by a variety of manufacturers.
  • Specialty Siding - Gentek offers specialty sidings such as half-round, hand split shake, cedar shakes, hand cut stone and hand laid brick.
  • Patio Doors - Gentek offers a full line of vinyl and aluminum patio doors and garden doors to suit any home.
  • Storm Doors and Entry Doors - Gentek offers storm doors and steel insulated entry doors from many different manufacturers across the country.
  • Soffit, fascia and rainware not only add the finishing touch to a home’s exterior, they offer protection from the extreme weather — particularly melting snow and ice. 
Partnered with smooth or ribbed fascia board, Gentek soffit provides essential ventilation to help prevent roof structure and rafter decay. Featuring a unique extra-rigid V-design, the panels easily lock together for a fast, professional finish. Gentek also offers a complete rainware system that effectively carries water away from the home before it can spill over and damage foundations and basements. Built of corrosion-resistant aluminum, Gentek rainware won’t rot, rust or warp giving you ongoing service that requires minimal maintenance.

For an "exact-colour" match, select your soffit, fascia and rainware from the Colour Clear Through™ palette. These customer-preferred colour choices make it easier to mix and match materials, offering the same 12 colours throughout our entire line.

Available in vinyl, aluminium or hybrid (mix of both vinyl and aluminium), Gentek replacement windows will enhance your home for years to come. In addition to adding lasting beauty and resale value to a home, these low-maintenance windows reduce energy costs, reduce outside noise levels and operate smoothly time after time. Gentek windows are backed by more than three decades of window manufacturing expertise. Pride in our products and craftsmanship are at the heart of their commitment to quality. It's what makes their windows among the best in the industry and their service second to none.

Gentek vinyl windows are performance engineered for outstanding energy efficiency, beauty and durability. Incorporating warm-edge technology, heavy duty frame construction, a highly durable balance system and insulating glass features, the windows consistently meet or exceed nationally recognized and accepted test standards and criteria.


Gentek vinyl, aluminum and hybrid windows meet and exceed all requirements outlined to carry the ENERGY STAR rating. Visit Natural Resources Canada to see which Gentek windows qualify in your area of the country. This site will show you all of our test results.

Gentek aluminum windows are not affected by the inevitable forces of nature. They maintain their energy efficiency, colour and ease of operation for as long as you own your home. Gentek aluminum windows are separated by a high quality mechanically crimped PVC thermal barrier, our aluminum window's thermal performance matches that of a PVC window, while at the same time maintaining durability.

In addition, Gentek replacement windows carry one of the strongest warranties in the industry. From the extrusion and parts to the glass and construction, a lifetime limited warranty provides valuable coverage.

All Gentek windows are carefully measured and custom-manufactured to ensure fast, efficient installation. This simple benefit results in less time and money spent on installation and cleanup.

Replacement Windows:
  • Regency Premium Vinyl Windows Feature all-weather PVC vinyl for longer life and superior performance, and utilize "warm-edge" technology to minimize transfer of heat and cold.
  • Sierra Fusion-Welded Vinyl Windows These all-weather PVC vinyl windows have fusion-welded sash and frame and utilize "warm-edge" technology to minimize heat and cold loss.
  • Aluminum Series The best of both worlds-advanced thermal design to save energy, plus the unbeatable strength of aluminum for bright windows that last and last.